About me

I am continually curious about people, what makes us the way we are, and how to help remove whatever is in the way of thriving. I believe strongly that we humans are hardwired to be in connection with other humans: in our families, friends, work, or anywhere we happen to find ourselves. This is true for introverts and extroverts, we all need connection, and no one way to connect works for everyone.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

I am particularly drawn to working with couples: lesbian, gay, straight, or trans. So often our previous encounters with people in our lives have left us with tender places that can get triggered in our couple relationships. When this happens the place we call home emotionally can become a painful and utterly confusing place. I like helping couples find their way back to each other.

A major part of the work we do in early sessions is to identify the patterns of interaction that have contributed to a couple’s disconnection from each other. As people recognize those dynamics we then turn to their creating new ways to take care of themselves and to reach safely again to their partner.

I’m a Certified EFT therapist.  This means that the documentation of my qualifications and videos that I submitted to the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy were approved as having met their standards for certification.

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I co-authored, along with Merilee Clunis,  Lesbian Couples and The Lesbian Parenting Book. Working on both of these helped deepen my understanding of couples and parents with children; this has proven to be crucial in my current couples work.

I have one quirky area of expertise – Procrastination – or rather the treatment of procrastination. It was my dissertation topic and I still love working with people for whom their procrastination is a problem.

Dorsey has the rare gift of being able to hold both of us without favoring one or the other, she has clear boundaries and she has taught us the importance of boundaries. In addition, she never stops learning or teaching...or giving to the community.